Windows Support

LiveTechPlus help you save time and money by helping you install, upgrade and troubleshoot windows online. You don't have to disconnect your machine and take it into a store or wait for hours for a techie to visit you. LiveTechPlus can provide quality computer support anytime, anywhere using the Internet. Our support levels adhere to Microsoft's most stringent standards. All our techies are comprehensively trained on all aspects of Windows 7.

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Having problems while working with Windows operating system? LiveTechPlus Support has a team of experienced certified technicians. Whether it is the compatibility issues or internet browsing problems, efficient Microsoft support team is always at hand to assist you through phone, email or chat. Irrespective of which version of Windows operating system you use, you will get a comprehensive Microsoft support service from LiveTechPlus. It's Microsoft Support for XP,7,8,8.1,10 has helped many Windows users to have a hassle-free computing experience.

Unlike the commonplace Microsoft OS support providers, LiveTechPlus never confines itself by fixing the errors in your operating system. It even makes sure that both the software and drivers of your computer are upgraded. What's more, with professional Microsoft OS support, you can even optimize the speed and performance of your operating system in an effective manner.

Microsoft OS Support

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